PokerStars launches new Winning Moments feature

For every poker player, part of the fun in winning is being able to brag about it. At PokerStars, the brand realized that players might like to brag about their online exploits. The online poker room recently announced they plan on introducing a new concept known as PokerStars Winning Moments. This new video feature will provide players with the ability to celebrate a big win, remember and share the triumph with their friends.

The announcement of the new feature at PokerStars comes just a short time before the World Championship of Online Poker is set to begin. PokerStars is providing this new video option at the right time as many players will be online during the WCOOP and should take advantage of Winning Moments.

The WCOOP will begin on the 3rd of September and run until the 26th, offering players many opportunities to take part in online poker tournaments. During the WCOOP, players will have the opportunity to use the Winning Moments feature. PokerStars will make the option available to winners and final table participants in the No Limit Hold’em events on the schedule.

Players taking part in such events will be sent a personalized video with their most memorable moments as they played in a WCOOP event. The videos will include key hands that the player was involved in, including the final ones. James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton, popular commentators for PokerStars will be offering comments during the videos.

The video technology will be provided by Treepodia and works via a series of algorithms to select the best moments and combine them into video form. Once a player wins big from an event of the WCOOP or is the overall winner, they will be emailed a link to their video.

The new feature will start with the WCOOP but will gradually become available to players who take part in NLH tournaments at the site for players that cash 100x their buy-in.

PokerStars launches new Winning Moments feature